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Motherboard BIOS troubleshooting

Now generally used on the motherboard of the computer is electrically erasable write BIOS chips, meaning that content can be updated in the BIOS chip.
to upgrade your motherboard BIOS can better support a variety of hardware, such as addressing the year 2000 problem, and support large capacity hard disk and identifies other new hardware, you can improve the speed and stability of the system. Upgrade BIOS failure will cause the computer to fail to start, known as CIH virus is through this BIOS Rihu methods damage the motherboard. So before the BIOS upgrade, pay attention to the following:
1, the motherboard or BIOS disable writing switches are turned off in the BIOS.
2, the BIOS data is backed up. Format using the format command before doing a system disk, which should also include the Autoexec.bat and config.sys files. Upgrading the BIOS copies the program to the system tray, and then run it in the system tray when performing the "Save Current BIOS to File" enter a file name, such as "A:\OLDBIOS". BIN ", so that you can present all the data stored on the disk in the BIOS, in case the upgrade fails, or that it can be restored when the new BIOS problem BIOS data.
3, upgrading, implementation procedures and the BIOS data file must match the motherboard model, make sure the file is complete and reliable.
4, in order to ensure that the upgrade is not power failure, you can use the UPS ensuring continued stability in power.
If the upgrade fails, the most simple and direct way is to find your motherboard manufacturer, retailer or motherboard, change a BIOS chip.
also has a method is if hand has and this block Board same model of Board, and that block BIOS is normal words, can started that Taiwan computer, in started machine zhihou, charged will normal of BIOS pulled Xia, plug Shang upgrade failed of BIOS, then run you backup has original BIOS data of that Zhang system disc in the of upgrade program, will BIOS again restore for old of data, then shut machine, will restore Hou of BIOS chip plug back original of Board, try try boot, If you can start and recover successfully, if not successful, still looking for vendors for it.
, since it needs charged inserted chips, they might get that piece of good boards cannot be used, so be sure to carefully, do not use hand or touch other components and circuits on the motherboard, if you have minimal contact with the circuit, advise you not to use this method.
BIOS destroyed by the virus do?
If the BIOS chip was really damaged by the virus, the best method is to find the manufacturer of the replacement, so can also be used on a method to override the BIOS that talked about.
so best also is don't let virus damage you of BIOS chip, common of method is in BIOS set in the found about "Update Flash BIOS" of option, put it set into Disable, if BIOS in the no this option, Board Shang also will has ban wrote Flash BIOS of jumper, check check you of Board Manual on can found, will it set into ban wrote BIOS, such of set can makes virus cannot Hu wrote BIOS in the of data. But many Taiwan motherboard despite the jumpers and BIOS settings, but even if they are set to ban wrote, BIOS can be rewritten, so this method is not foolproof.
but even if the virus does not damage your BIOS may also damage your data on the hard disk, the better way is to prevent viruses from infecting your computer. BACK PAGE