Repair range

Standard BIOS fault instance details

1. Computer systems of the time no
"symptom" a longer compatible use, after each time you start the system time was
when starting from January 1, 1998 "fault analysis and treatment of" General BIOS can auto-recharge, so the main reason for this failure may be the CMOS battery failure, simply by changing the CMOS battery, the fault will be excluded.
"symptom" a computer startup self-test when the floppy drive floppy drive lights up, but does suggest that the floppy drive is not found. Hard start start normally but can't read/write floppy disk drive.
"fault analysis and treatment of" first suspected floppy disk drive may be damaged, and then remove the floppy disk drive to another computer using the normal, replace the other well received the computer, still has the same faults. Suspected multifunctional card is damaged, but the card get testing on the other computer has no problem, substitute with a good multi-function card, the fault persists. So and suspected Board fault, and most has may damaged of is BIOS chip, with replaced method replaced Hou, found BIOS and no damaged, last only will Board Shang of CMOS power battery removed,, CMOS in the of information completely lost Hou, again will about information again set Hou, completely recovery;
3. boot Hou tips a, drive, and b drive of configuration type errors
"fault phenomenon" a Taiwan a, drive, and b drive are using of computer, A drive to use a floppy 1.44MB floppy disk, b adopted for use 1. 2MB floppy disk the floppy disk drive. Configured in the CMOS contents entirely correct, but prompted a boot drive, drive b type of configuration errors.
"fault analysis and treatment of" repeated checking CMOS configuration not found any problems, and multifunctional card replaced the floppy disk drive is also no problem, followed by mutual suspicion CMOS infectious diseases, reconfigure the motherboard after discharge, also did not resolve the issue. Then try two floppy disk drive types in your configuration information to another type, and when two floppy drives are replaced with a 360KB floppy drive, boot errors are no longer prompted to the floppy drive, this may be due to problems of communication lines connected the floppy drive again after a communications line failure,
4. Failure denies the floppy disk in the floppy drive using
"Symptoms" in use on a computer when disk read/write operations, you receive the following prompt:
General Failure Reading Drive A:Abort,Retry,Fail?
"fault analysis and treatment of" this case belongs to the device, if you choose a for the exit, r to retry, f for failure to other drives Caused the error reasons are the following:
floppy and floppy drive capacity not compatible
read/write floppy disk with the DOS command, taking into account the compatibility of floppy disks and floppy disk drive. If the floppy drive is 720KB, and into the 1.44MB floppy disk will appear this message 1.44MB 3.5-inch floppy disk drive to normal read/write 720KB and 1.44MB two floppy disks. Also, 1.2MB of 5.25 inches floppy drive can normal read and write 360KB and 1.2MB two species floppy disk, returned of is not;
floppy disk of guide fan district damaged
due to virus or other operation improper makes floppy disk of guide fan district damage, in read/wrote disk Shi will appeared read errors, available tool software on floppy disk for repair;
software in the of floppy disk no for format of
for DOS can accepting of disk format is divided into several fan district of disk, No formatted disk cannot read/write operations. No formatted disk for read/write operations will be prompted. As long as DOS or disk on a system in the format of a read/write operation; improperly set

CMOS floppy drive type stored in CMOS setting parameters of each device when the computer is functioning, improper if the parameters in the CMOS settings, device will also appear in the operation above, If is 1.44MB of floppy drive, and in CMOS in the was set into 720Kb or 360KB,, read/wrote 1.44MB floppy disk Shi, that will appeared above errors;
Tips: in CMOS in the put floppy drive set into "NOT INSTALLED", is into read/wrote disk Shi, will appeared floppy disk in the no disk of tips, as long as in CMOS of set in the recovery floppy drive normal parameter set, this class problem on not appeared;
5. Started computer Shi detection not to floppy drive
"fault phenomenon" started computer Shi, displayed "Floppy disk (s) fail (40)" of errors tips information;
"fault analysis and processing" appeared Floppy disk (s) fail (40) "or A:drive error of tips information, are said Board of BIOS check not to floppy drive of hardware, this situation most is floppy drive of hardware fault due to, its specific of solution method following: < BR/> check Board Shang of floppy drive interface and floppy drive data line and power line, if no found problem, can will floppy drive received in other computer Shang for test, if soft driven with normal can check CMOS in the on floppy drive of set, check CMOS in the of "Integrated Peripherals", and "onboard Fdc Controller" items whether was set to "Disabled", if is this situation on modified set for "Enadled "Troubleshooting;
6. The floppy drive light does not light
"Symptoms" after power on, I get a "Floppydisk (s) fail (40)", and the floppy drive led is not lit, after you change the BIOS settings to no avail. Can use the floppy drive to get other places, the new floppy disk drive in the computer is led is not lit.
"fault analysis and treatment of" recreate the failure mainly because the CMOS settings wrong diskette drive power cable does not work. The solution is: boot time press [Del "key to enter the BIOS Setup program to set the" INTEGRATED PERIPHERALS ", and" Onboard FDC Controiler ", this option is set to" Enabled ".
7。 Unable to write data to a floppy disk
"symptom" floppy disk protection turned on, still cannot write to the floppy drive data
"analysis and treatment of fault" because you can read out the data correctly, you can eliminate the floppy drive hard faults may exist. The system boot to CMOS settings, check "Floppy access Contrl" (floppy disk drive access control) is set to "Read-only", "Read-Write" post troubleshooting. Sets the error hard drive failure caused by
8.CMOS/> "fault analysis and treatment of" CMOS drive type is correct or not directly affecting the normal use of the hard drive, and now the computer does not support the "IDE Auto Detect" feature can automatically detect the hard drive type. When the hard disk type error, there will be unable to boot the system or read/write error occurred. Such as the hard disk in the CMOS type is smaller than the actual hard drive size, hard drive behind the sectors will not be able to read/write, if the individual partitions will be lost.
in addition, because of the type of IDE support logical arguments recently, hard drives can be used, such as Normal\LBA\large, if three modes of installation of the data, but for other model in CMOS, hard drive workshop/write error occurs because the mapping relations had changed, will not be able to read the correct hard disk location.
9.CMOS hard disk boot failure caused by
"symptom" prompt appears on the screen after the computer boot "Device error" message.
"fault analysis and treatment of" this is mainly due to the CMOS worked cause information to be lost. Processed right in accordance with the following method: first open the case, observe the battery is loose. If it is, should be fixed to boot; if not, may be the battery is faulty, for better batteries, resetting the CMOS parameters, hard boots.
Tip: if it does not start properly, should results from data lines reversed.
10。 Old Type parameter error hard drive failure caused by
"symptom" host after the internal self test is complete, the "beep" Horn both loud, screen appears: "C:Drive Error" error translation the hard drive does not boot floppy disk to start successfully, tried to enter the hard disk appeared: "Invalid media type reading drive c Abort,Retry,Fail?" Error message.
"analysis and treatment of fault": this is caused by a hard disk does not match the parameter Type value, meeting Type is a hard character, representing the size of hard drive capacity, head number, head number and sector number equivalent. If the value of Type is set incorrectly, the hard disk will not start, its solution is to reformat the hard drive Type value.
in boot Hou stay since check began, by Xia "DEL" key or while by Xia "ALT+CTRL+ESC" combination key, can into host parameter table, DriveC: (drive c:) column in the of "Type" items, entered right of Type value can
11. hard disk suddenly cannot guide system
"fault phenomenon" a Taiwan using has 3 years of compatible machine, suddenly boot Shi appeared: "Disk boot failurt,Insert System disk and press enter "message unable to boot the system. BACK PAGE