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Black screen CMOS battery failure causes failure

Symptoms: a compatible machine, kitchen boards, chipsets for Intel810,CPU Celeron 733MHz, not used often. Recently I reinstall the system, using a few days later, suddenly will not turn on: press the system Power button, optical drive, hard drive led long on optical drives not being rolled out, sound hard drive also does not appear to read and display a black screen and can't power off by Power button, you must unplug to shut down.
Troubleshooting: according to our past experiences, leading to this black screen phenomenon in general there are three: chassis power supply failure, motherboard, CPU problem. So the author first, measure the output voltage of the power supply, 5V and 12V is normal, will power is inadequate? The other computer's power to remove the change still cannot solve the problem.
I do not have the appropriate motherboard and CPU can be used to replace it. Then power on again after a power failure, the power supply fan, CPU fan whirring around, looking at nothing display, I thought the point of failure will be where? After a few minutes, the screen suddenly lit up, machine self test results in error: CMOS Checksum Error (CMOS checksum error). After you enter the CMOS settings and found that the change of setting became the default value, after I reset, self-test pass normally, well into the operating system, it seems that CPU should not be a problem. Through the system shuts, and power on again after a power failure, this phenomenon still occurs. View problem on the motherboard. CMOS setting cannot be saved, the CMOS battery may have failed. Removed battery voltage measurement, only 0.9V, far less than the nominal value of 3V.
I've seen CMOS battery failure fault, usually only "CMOS Checksum Error reports", sets lost, but will not lead to a black screen. Talk about it is to first replace the batteries. Has a new battery, I reset the CMOS, trial and error, failure to eliminate! CMOS battery failure can also cause a black screen, hope the author of this troubleshooting experiences you encounter a blank screen phenomenon of friends can bring some experience. BACK PAGE