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Laptop repair


Repair IBM, Sony, Compaq, Toshiba, LG, HP, NEC, Dell, Fujitsu, and Apple, Lenovo, twinhead, Acer, ASUS, BenQ, violet Bao, founder, the BoE, the great wall, Haier, TCL, xiaxin, she said, such as laptop computers.
common fault maintenance
1, and notebook computer cannot installation operating system;
2, and by Xia notebook computer switch, can see indicates lamp bright, but screen no displayed;
3, and notebook computer boot screen appeared English or digital errors, cannot into system;
4, and notebook computer not recognition drive, and hard disk, and floppy drive, and serial, and and mouth, and NIC mouth,;
5, and by Xia notebook computer switch, no any reaction (cannot boot);
6, laptops often crashes, power failure or reset automatically;
7, laptop password is forgotten, cannot enter the system;
8, portable system battery is not charging.
9, laptop fan problems, sound card is not working properly, the trackpad is not working, display a clear picture, power light is on but the system does not work LCD has no display, no power (power led not lit), notebook optical drive failure, laptop cooling problem, laptop starts slow, intermittent laptop fan starts. BACK PAGE