About Us

computer repair services company based on the Beijing square computer services by third parties. Is a professional provider of IT products and services and maintenance business, mainly for the computer and its peripherals products in software and hardware provide excellent repair, maintenance, and technical support services. Business range involved Beijing party up computer maintenance, and Beijing computer maintenance, and Beijing computer door maintenance, and Beijing notebook maintenance, and Beijing computer maintenance, and Beijing Toshiba Notebook maintenance, and Beijing HP notebook maintenance, and Beijing Apple notebook maintenance, and Beijing Dell notebook maintenance, and Beijing Sony notebook maintenance, and Beijing ASUS notebook maintenance, and Beijing Lenovo notebook maintenance, and Beijing Samsung notebook maintenance, computer assembled, and accessories sales, and computer maintenance, and hard disk data recovery, and network engineering, and network maintenance, and website construction, and Website promotion, monitoring, installation and other fields.
Beijing computer repair services company as a neutral, professional IT services provider, companies adhering to the "enterprise IT services and technology to create value," the purpose, committed to the promotion and development of China's IT outsourcing services.
with ever-accelerating construction of information technology and the popularization of Internet, computer and office equipment has been widely used in enterprises. Due to the different industries, Lin Mao Feng Jiao mastering computer knowledge professionals, managers often worry about your computer fails, so all kinds of enterprises is an urgent need to seek help from professional IT service providers. As a professional IT service provider, we always adhere to the "service first, the technology leader in" management philosophy. Company has a wealth of experience in computer system maintenance, there is a group of skilled, professional excellent, friendly service and good, prudent responsible, good communication skills, solve problems fast and effective technical support services team. Professional, service, leading technology, has made our maintenance agreements with many customers, in their eyes, we are their IT departments and help them solve the technical issues faced and will face.